PFM (porcelain fused to metal) Crown and Bridge

We use IPS Classic®. IPS Classic is a well-proven metal-ceramic system that offers a high degree of individuality and creativity. Given the balanced distribution of particles, the ceramic exhibits excellent modelling properties and high stability, even after several

IPS Classic at a glance

  • >Years of clinical experience
  • >Efficient and economical to process
  • >High quality aesthetic results
  • >Easy handling
  • >Faithful shade reproduction with Chromascop and A-D shades
  • >Special ceramic materials for individualized characterization
  • >Opalescent Incisal and Effect materials
  • >Coordinated equipment:
  • >Programat X1, Programat P300, Programat P500, Programat P700, Programat EP 5000
  • >Compatible with Ivoclar Vivadent alloys
  • >Matching luting cement Vivaglass CEM or Multilink Automix

Metal Alloys

Non-Noble (Non-precious) Alloy

silver, gold

Noble Alloy


High Noble Alloy