About Us

Vina Dental Outsourcing, Inc. provides full-service dental laboratory services and products for dentists and dental laboratories worldwide. We are a U.S. corporation applying U.S. standards to transactions and assures you that your business will be handled professionally, confidentially, and without delay. Vina Dental Outsourcing, Inc. manufactures dental products in Vina for the international markets. You ship directly to us in Vina; there is no middleman.

Our laboratory was established in 1988 and is a private large-scale denture-fabricating laboratory. Located Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, the laboratory has a facility of 500 square meters in buildings with a total of over 100 technicians.

Our technicians make the difference. Our highly skilled craftsmen take great pride in creating beautiful and functional restorations. We believe that ongoing training and education is an integral part of our operations. Our technicians know that natural looking prosthetics can improve the quality of someone’s life, and are constantly refining their skills and keeping abreast with state-of-the-art technologies.

Vina Dental Outsourcing, Inc. production unit obtained the quality certification of ISO 9001 with its high quality products, modern management process and professionally trained technicians.

Vina Dental Outsourcing, Inc. production unit is also registered with the US FDA and adheres to DAMAS standards.

High quality and competitive prices make our products and services very competitive. With a two-year product warranty, Vina Dental Outsourcing, Inc. has established its reputation and trust among all its clients and partners.


We treat all workers with respect.

They are our most valuable resource and we work to train and develop their skills as technicians. We have a continuous training program bringing experts to conduct specialized training on regular basis. With new hires, we rotate them through the 11 work areas for a year. We teach them the complete lab process, and to also assess their skills in each area. After the year rotation, we work with the employee to select their position that they are best suited.

On wages, our employees earn three times the local average.

We do not run a sweat shop. Working conditions are good with good light, ventilation, in a new building. We provide an area for relaxation and a free internet bar for employees to use on their break.

On employee turnover, we have one of the lowest in the industry with 2% per year.

The reason is that, unlike the coastal areas, nearly all of our employees are locals; born and raised in Sichuan. The Chinese culture has very strong family ties and our employees live close to their hometowns so they can easily visit family on weekends and holidays.

Our employees take pride in their work and will do their best to make your cases with the care and attention to detail that you deserve.