Our professional dental technicians use only the best materials from Cristobal+ ® or Sculpture plus® and FibreKor® to produce all types of outstanding indirect composite restorations.

Cristobal+®: Get strong restorations that maintain their natural gloss and translucency for years with Cristobal+®. With excellent shade matching stability, Cristobal+®is the perfect solution for indirect composite inlay/onlay types of restorations.

Sculpture®plus: Indirect composite restorations using Sculpture® plus Nano-Hybrid Composites offer exceptional polishability and esthetics as well as improved handling. The nano-particulate fill component results in strong, reinforced margins virtually free of material voids for more beautiful indirect restorations.

You can expand the indication of indirect composite restorations to bridges with the use of FibreKor® unidirectional glass fibers.